Randall Foods


Randall Foods began in 1952 in Fontana, California. It started as a small poultry farm that raised chickens for the local supermarkets. What started as a family workforce of five through the years has grown into a multimillion-dollar food processing business. After their expansion, the new team used their expertise to expand from just poultry to all types of processed and value-added meats. Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Veal, and a variety of freshly prepared meals and marinated meats are all part of the Randall line of products. The food industry has seen many changes since the early ‘50s. Known for being an innovator, Randall Foods played a big part in many changes.

Randall Foods Today

New leadership, with extensive food industry and CPG experience was brought on board to run Randall Foods. The team is keeping true to the company’s values and principles. Randall products are now found throughout California, the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Further Expansion to the East Coast is set for the near future.



The innovation started early as Randall was one of the first in Southern California to cut and package chicken in a tray. This concept quickly became popular and Randall expanded on their idea and introduced the larger Value Pack and Family Pack trays to the local marketplace. Today, despite all the popular products sold by Randall, Tray Pack Chicken remains the largest tonnage item and the backbone of the company’s business.


After almost half a century of tray pack and central cutting experience in poultry, Randall Farms started processing beef and pork into tray pack retail cuts. We have adapted to the changing processing needs of retailers and the industry. Randall Foods has experienced remarkable growth in tray pack beef and pork every year so far. Our continued innovation in products and packaging show immense promise for lasting change and success in this area.


Another area of remarkable growth for Randall has been marinated meats and meal solutions. Citrus Chicken, Pork Al Pastor and Beef Carne Asada lead these categories in popularity. Fresh component meals made from the best ingredients have been part of the Randall product line for quite a few years. New flavors and some of the past favorites are returning to stores we serve. Look for these ready to cook, fast and convenient meals in a store near you.


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