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The Randall Foods team has trusted fresh-protein experts equipped with innovative and scalable product solutions. A commitment to fast, flexible, reliable, and high-quality offerings provide our customers with a competitive advantage for profitable and sustainable growth.


Our turnaround time is unrivalled as we offer 3-4 days from order to delivery in the West


Our order fill rates are unrivaled and continue to be nearly 100% each month

Unwavering commitment to food safety & in-spec production


Unwavering commitment to food safety & in-spec production


Flexible and scalable runs create business agility for your limited runs, fill-ins, innovation, and testing

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At a time when out-of-stocks are one of the biggest concerns of the industry, Randall Foods is proud to have industry leading order fill rates with fast turn around times. This ensures you’re in-stock and your customers satisfied. We deliver poultry, beef, pork, and value add items on time ensuring you’re always in-stock and customers are satisfied.

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our team who are currently 500+ strong.