Response to COVID-19

In the face of these unprecedented times, Randall Farms has a duty, responsibility and honor to join our nation in doing our part to help the millions of families that rely on our products to meet their nutritional needs. Our goal as an essential industry is to keep our employees safe while providing the community with enough product to keep the shelves in your grocery stores stocked. We realize how important it is to keep the food supply strong, while simultaneously keeping our Randall Family safe. As a family-owned company, the safety and security of our employees has always been a top priority. We are going above and beyond and working closely with the CDC, USDA, and local state and health authorities.

Steps we have taken

Our processing plant has always been very stringent on following sanitary practices and staying within the USDA guidelines. That said, we’ve implemented a new Daily Wellness Check. Before each employee starts their shift, we provide a new facemask, and take their temperature prior to entering the building. We have enforced a “social distancing standard” in common areas and breakrooms, and have installed plexi-glass barriers where 6 foot distances cannot be met. We’ve installed foot pedals on all doors so that there is no hand contact on door handles. We have a fully committed sanitation department that works round the clock making sure all surfaces, floors, and equipment have been cleaned and sanitized. USDA approves cleanliness of our plant daily. We are also encouraging all who can work from home to do so. Travel is currently restricted for the time being, as we are trying to limit unnecessary exposure.

We are doing everything we can to stay ahead of this crisis and responding quickly to updates from the CDC and USDA.

Remember, we are all in this together!